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Endocrine Direct Care Physicians

Physicians focusing on providing comprehensive and compassionate endocrine care to optimize your health.

About Endocrine Direct Care Physicians

We are direct care endocrine physicians who focus on the health of our patients. As Endocrinologists with over 70 years of combined medical experience, we have witnessed a change in traditional medical care that is no longer putting the patient first. At Endocrine Direct Care Physicians, our vision is to care for each patient to optimize their health. This model helps us focus on our patients while eliminating time constraints, insurance barriers, and communication delays.


Conditions We Treat

Our doctors provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of endocrine conditions with an emphasis on lifestyle changes to reduce reliance on medication. Visits can be conducted in office, by video conference, or by telephone according to a patient’s preference.

insulin pump and cgm
  • Type 1 Diabetes

  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults

  • MODY Diabetes

  • Diabetes Type 3C

  • Insulin Pump Management

  • CGM Management

  • Prediabetes

thyroid ultrasound and thyroid nodules
  • Hyperthyroidism 

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Hashimoto’s Disease

  • Graves’ Disease

  • Thyroid nodules

  • Goiter

  • Thyroid Cancer 

bone density and osteoporosis
  • Osteoporosis

  • Osteopenia

  • Metabolic Bone Disease 

  • Hypercalcemia

  • Hypocalcemia

  • Hyperparathyroidism

  • Hypoparathyroidism

endocrinology direct care
  • Obesity

  • Overweight

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Insulin Resistance

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

  • Cushing’s syndrome

  • Pituitary Tumors

  • Pituitary Disease

We Do Not Offer:

  • Hormone Pellets (e.g., Biote) 

  • Birth Control

  • Menopause Management

  • Disability Forms/Benefits

  • Routine use of desiccated thyroid hormone (e.g., NP Thyroid or Armour Thyroid)

  • Alternative Medicine

  • Non-Evidence-Based Medicine

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