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  • What is an Endocrinologist?
    An endocrinologist is a physician who completed 4 years of medical school, 3 years of Internal Medicine training, and an extra 2 years of Endocrinology training. They manage multiple medical conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, pituitary disorders, osteoporosis, and others. (See Conditions We Treat)
  • Is Direct Care the same as Concierge Medicine?
    No. In concierge medicine, patients pay a large retainer fee every year and, in addition to this, insurance is billed for any services provided. In direct care, we do not bill your insurance nor would you be able to submit a claim for services. You either pay a membership fee or a fee-for-service option. (See Plans and Pricing)
  • Why choose direct care?
    A much smaller patient panel allows for more time spent with your physician. In the Traditional Care model, we could have more than 3,000 patients per physician. In the Direct Care model, we would limit this number to approximately 300 patients per physician. Quicker communication with your medical team. Prompt Appointments/Scheduling. In-depth, unrushed visits with your doctor. No copays. No unexpected bills. Less wait times. Option to choose telehealth or in-person appointments Membership Benefits
  • How does the membership work?
    Memberships are paid quarterly. There is a minimum of a 3-month commitment. For cancellations, we request that you give us at least a 30 days' notice prior to your next quarterly payment to avoid further charges. Payments are not prorated.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    No, we do not accept insurance. We do encourage our patients to have insurance for other medical costs, such as prescriptions, imaging tests, lab tests, and for other doctors’ appointments.
  • Do I need insurance to get seen?
    No, you do not need insurance to see us. However, we encourage patients to have insurance for other medical costs, such as prescriptions, diagnostic imaging tests, lab tests, and for other doctors’ appointments.
  • Can I use my insurance for prescriptions, lab tests and imaging tests?
    Yes. As part of our care, we provide orders for prescriptions, imaging, and lab tests that will be done at a facility approved by your insurance. For our members, we provide some discounted labs and imaging studies that do not require insurance.
  • Do you accept HSA payments?
    HSA accounts may vary, and we recommend you check with your HSA company to determine if services will be covered.
  • Do I need a primary doctor?
    Yes. We strongly recommend last you have a primary doctor. We do not offer primary care services.
  • Do you take Medicare?
    For our Medicare patients, we initially intended to be a non-participating provider. However, due to Medicare limitations, we were not able to accomplish this. Traditional Medicare patients are still able to participate in our Direct Care Model. Our existing Traditional Medicare patients will still be able to get the discounted prices mentioned above. Given that we opted out of Medicare, they will not reimburse for our office visits. Fortunately, you would still be able to use Traditional Medicare benefits for medication prescriptions, imaging tests, laboratory services, and Durable Medical Equipment (e.g. insulin pump, CGM, meters, test strips, and other supplies). This may not be true for Medicare Advantage plans. We strongly encourage patients to check coverage with their Medicare Advantage provider. For more information, visit
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